Film Poster: Second Draft

Film Poster

For the second draft, I have adjusted the credits so that they only take up a fifth out of the film poster. Although I still am not happy with the look of the credits I am still going to further this and adjust them more until I am happy with how they look, I might further this and add to them to make it look better.

I also changed the title to make it fit better to the fantasy genre, which is much more floaty and looks more elegant which fits better with the codes and conventions of a fantasy poster.

I also did make the quality of the cut out by going over the image again with a finer rubber and making sure that the image is better quality.


First Draft: Film Poster

For one of my ancillary texts I created a film poster, for this I followed the codes and conventions of a typical ‘Hollywood’ film poster. Below is my Poster and an explanation about how I made it and why I decided to make the choices I did when creating my film poster.

Film Poster

After analyzing a range of different film posters I had a stable idea about how a poster should look and what I wanted my poster to include. I decided that I wanted a simple poster with a single image what would allow me to draw attention to my characters, the the credits and the title.

For the typography of the title I used a bold dominant font which allows the audience to see the title clearly without making the audience look for the title and have confusion over that the name of the film really is. I used the font ‘fondel’ for the rest of the film poster, I used this font because it was the closest to the traditional ‘long and tall’ font that are usually used on a film poster, prodomintaly credits. Again I kept this in black font because on the background I used I felt that this was the main colour that stood out against the background without having to have one side of my poster in a darker colour and one colour in a light one. I used capitals letters in some words to show the dominate important words of the poster such as names and titles that were used through the production of the film. The scales I used were also done purposely because, I wanted the name to be shown bigger and be more recognised than the title, which I did because I think that now films have become more about the role played in the film rather than just being a part of the film. I also broke the conventions of how credits should be laid out, I did this because I wanted to show again that there is not influential job in the construction of a film, because as I used from filming my own, if the little jobs aren’t done the director cannot proceed with filming. I created the credits myself by making a range of different layers of the names and the title that they played in the production of the film, I used a bigger size in the names which made them stand out. And included a release date that was commonly seen in a range of posters that I had analysed.

The background I had to ask for copyright permission, because I didn’t create it. When asking I was told that for it being educational and I am not making a profit from it that I was allowed to include it in the poster. I liked this background because I think stars are a mythical aspect of the films that create a sense of magic but also delicate; however the main reason that I wanted to use this was for the connotation of hope, as I think after reading around meanings that certain objects create I think that stars were the most fantasy related but also that they have historical connotations on how they were used when people were lost and trying to find their way. I was also drawn to this background because it is gradient blue which matches the dress that the fairy wears in my production, and I liked when I saw a film poster that colours and meanings all linked together.

For the image, I decided to go for a single image that would showcase both members of my cast and therefore give the audience a slight introduction of what the characters will look like and that the aim of the film is to reunite the characters. I kept this image central to the poster so that it was the first thing the audience see and also it shows the significance of the characters in the film.

Film Review Draft

As one of my anicallary texts I wanted to create a film poster review. For my research I looked at 8 film review published in Empire magazine which is a professional publishing company. This helped me because then I had an understanding and an idea of how I wanted to structure and present the film review in connection to a professional poster company. I wanted to look at the film review in relation to a range of different genres which  would make the my film review more accurate in the sense that I have an understanding of the general codes and conventions of the film reviews.

Here is a picture of my film review and then below an explanation which justifies the choices I made.

Fil Review.jpg

My film review follows the generic structure of that reviews in the Empire magazine. I did this by using blocks of colour around the edge of the review, I included blocks of colour in the two corners that are diagonal to each other. I did this because I think when I look at the review I am automatically drawn to the title of the film, because it sits on both the colour and the overview of the plot, (where the star ratings will be) and the certificate all of which I find are the most useful bits of information when I decide if I am going to read the review or not.


I then used two images, I put them again in corners diagonal to each other and in different corners to the ones which I put the colour in. I decided to use the two images of the unicorn in this because I have used the fairy in my film poster, which then balances it out. I also did a lot of research into audience appeasement. From this I got that more people like to see animals or stop when there is an animal present, so by putting the photos of the unicorn in the photo it will hopefully make the audience read the film review before turning onto another one.

I used the title, the start of the review and the final verdict as well as some of headers in the starting of the first part of the review (The writing in the purple box). I did this because I wanted to make these dominant parts of the poster so that the reader can see that there is the most significant parts of the film that they will need to learn about.

The font I used was simplistic and clear to read, this make is uncomplicated for the reader to read, I put it in columns which keeps it all simple for the audience to see and follow the text. In the review itself I mainly mentioned how the film fits to the codes and conventions of a fantasy which I made the audience feel that they were watching a traditional fantasy film. I also made it clear to the audience what I intended for the film and represent.

Naming My Short Film

After being stuck figuring out a name of my short film, I thought about things that were related to my short film. I went through the process of looking at other names of fantasy productions which made the overall process for me more difficult. I thought about what I could link the film name in association to the following:

  1. The location the film is set in.
    1. Coppins Farm
    2. Coppins Lane
    3. Bangors Park Farm
  2. The names of the characters that are included in my short film.
    1. Felicity
    2. Lulu (The horse)

Although these factors were hard to think of anything that would help me develop a name for my short film. So I thought about how I wanted the name to sound. I thought about the main aspect of the title and my main goal with it was to have a title that stuck in the audience’s mind. Therefore I started thinking about words that went together and created a nice rhyming sound.

The main word I wanted to include would show the audience to overall development of the film. I wanted to use a word that would present the journey that the character went on. So I googled synonyms of the word ‘story’:


I was particularly drawn to the word ‘Tale’ in the list, I thought this because it matches the older woman’s character at the start. I also saw a lot more solid links to fantasy in this word then I had down with any other words I had come across, mainly due to it being the second barrel of the traditional word ‘Fairytale’.

I then thought about more words that are in my film, that have a meaning and that will link to the word ‘Tale’. I then went back to thinking about the characters I used, particularly Lulu. I then thought about Lulu’s registered Weatherbys name (her name on her passport), which is Eagles Gale. I thought that the name of the horse and the word tale rhyme. As well as with the film being about the unicorn and the fairy being reunited that the name has relevance to the film.

This is the progress I took to come up with the name ‘Eagles Gales Tale’.

Refilming Schedule Change.

I have had to change the dates initially scheduled to complete my refilm, I had to do this due to the weather and then my actor went on holiday over the Christmas break. The new date is now Wednesday 3rd January; which means that my editing days also will have to alter as wednesday was one of them. Therefore I am going to allocate Friday, Monday and Tuesday as my main editing days, although I will make adjustments throughout the other days of the week when I can.

Why did I have to change the dates due to the weather? 

In my short film the weather is relied on largely for the lighting but also I choose to use the weather because it helps set a mood for the audience, in my first draft the weather was grey and dull which I wanted and liked because it reflected how the mood would be if a war had been lost and everything had stopped for the character. It was also snowing on the days that I wanted to film. Which was unfair on my actor who would have to be wearing a dress, and unfair on the horse I was going to use as that could cause all sorts of problems later on for the horse, so I made the decision not to film based on this factor mostly.

First Draft Of A2 Short Film

For my first draft I managed to create 1.48 minutes of my short film. I managed to film the first half of the video and edit it, although there were some shots I’m not happy with and will be re-filming at the next filming day.

I am happy with the first draft although there are most shots that I’m not happy with, so I will refilm and I will also add sound effects in other areas and add in the voice over that I intend to use.

I need to look more into the transitions in some areas and in other areas I would like to add different effects on the images itself to make it look more like a fantasy film. But other than that I am happy with my first draft.


After completing my storyboard, I decided to put the images together and make an animatic. An animatic is the individual scenes of the storyboard put together in a sequence to the music that I am going to use in my film.  The purpose of an animatic is to make the actors and the other people involved in the film an idea as to what I want the film to look like scene by scene.

Example Animatic? 

Before making my own animatic I wanted to get some inspiration of what I wanted to make, and how my animatic should look. So I went on to previous students work who shared there A2 animatic, I watched them and then I wrote what I liked about them and what I would do differently when making my own animatic.

Animatic Research

This is one of the Animatics I used to inspire how I was going to make my own. Although this animatic is based on a music video rather than a short film I think its still beneficial to watch it and look at the strengths and weaknesses, because then I am able to improve my own and make sure I add in all the elements of the storyboard I need to to make it successful and meaningful.

I like that this animatic has a good solid drawings behind it showing the amount of characters that the director wants in each scene and the dance positions that they want them in. I like that this animatic also shows all the shots in an order which shows the dance moves to be flowing and look like they are in the right sequence, so they don’t start off in one area and end up in the next, they look like the motions will all flow into one which I think is a good solid skill that needs to go into the planning otherwise it will all just look jittery and it won’t flow.

However I don’t think that the music is copy right and royalty free, which is a highly important part of the animatic as this is meant to be the music that you will be using in your final thing. I also don’t like how the editing software zooms in on the shots, I think that this doesn’t give the audience enough time to see where the director wants you to be positioned at this point. I think that the camera movements should be mapped out on the drawings rather than the editing doing that. I also think that the information included on the drawings are limited, there is no mention of the colour that the director wants, the camera angle the duration that the shot will be played for and the location will the shot be filmed inside or outside? If outside what time will it be shot? Because if the filming runs over two days or more then it can be easily picked up at the same time on the following day to make sure the lighting is as similar as it can be.

This was a very helpful video around how the animatic and the storyboard are going to be shown in the film. I liked watching this and seeing how similar they are and how the animatic can clearly resemble so closely and help the film develop, I think that this is a way to highlight how important an animatic is to the development of the film.

I think the storyboard detail really also helps the understanding of what the characters should be doing and when. I think that having a really clear storyboard is key to having a really strong developed animatic and therefore film. I want to include the arrows that show the camera movements but also the arrows that suggest to the actors what they ate meant to be doing at what point in each scene. All I want to add in my storyboard that wasn’t used in this one is the location, time of shot, what sounds will be used, comments on the Mise-En-Scene, and the duration of the shot.

My Animatic: 

For my animatic I used the same audio that I would be using in my final draft. I however didn’t edit the sound as I wish to in the final cut, this is because I’m want to look more at the physical shots and see where would be best realistically to fade one out and the other in. I also haven’t put the name of the film because again I haven’t decided what I want to call it. I will use both this and the physical storyboard when I am filming, I will use this because I want my actress to see how I want it to flow. I think that this is a useful technique to use because it gives more of a representation of what the shots will be like and in what order.


My Short Films Script

In order to write a professional script I had to research the information about how a professional script is constructed. I found an example script that had been annotated, this really has helped me construct my own script.

Script 1Script 2

This example has really helped me understand the different elements of the script that I need to include into mine. I want to make sure that I have all of the aspects of this in my script because I want to make it look both professional and I want it to have all of the aspects in it to give my actress as much information as possible so we both know what we are in the script and what is going to happen next.

Media Script

Above is my embedded script. This is what I have created that will allow me to film accurately and make sure that I have all the shots that I intended to have and make sure that for the voice over that I have all of the pints of what I want to say.

I have tried to make this look as professional as possible by using the example document that has been annotated. For this it helped me understand that I had the most professional script that would fit the criteria that I needed above.

Test Shots Of Location

As the genre of my film is Fantasy I wanted to focus on getting a solid location that will adapt to the needs that I have for the location. For my location too I wanted to have a forest and a field near by, so it is easily reached from the two different locations because having props and my characters would be challenging and time consuming which isn’t what I want to do, as I want to focus on filming more than worrying and arranging transport.

For my film I also wanted to use an abandoned house, I wanted to use this because I wanted to make the audience aware of the story-line, better and come from an understanding perspective rather than trying to work it out as the story develops. For my story (as previously explained.) I wanted to use the ending perspective of a fantasy genre, after the battle which is usually in the codes and conventions of a fantasy, I used this because I feel that a lot of fantasy films don’t explore the background of the plot. For this I wanted a location that would show this through the broke houses.

I found a location which had all of the aspect that I wanted for the film, it had a field, an aspect of the forest and a range of broken down houses. Because of the ownership of the broke houses I had to contact the owner and make sure that they knew that I wanted to film in their houses, I was lucky enough to know someone who had the phone number of the owner. I did call the owner and had a conversation explaining that I wanted to use the houses for a educational non-profitable short film, I gave a short explanation of what I wanted the plot to be in the film, I also explained that I would be making no adjustments to the houses. The owner granted me permission and was excited to see the final film.

This is one of the rooms that I took a photo in. This was one of the two rooms that the house had to offer, which fitted my description that I wanted in the first place. I liked this because the house still has window frames, tiles and a fireplace that looks like there was only recent disruption.
This is the second room that I was looking at and that I decided to use. I wanted to use this one over the other room because of the walls. This room also included the fire place and the window frames, but this still had some wallpaper on the walls in certain places with the plaster still there rather than just the brick. This fitted the description slightly more because I wanted this to look only recently disrupted, as a result of the war that I’m showing the aftermath of the film in, so therefore this one just fitted the checklist that I had more.
This is the outside of the house from one angle. I liked this one because it showed that it still had tiles on the roof but there, and the gutter is still around with the windows not having glass but still solid frames and the painting on the outside of the brick that is still painted, but there is clearly trees growing through the roof, and the fencing around this house is fallen down and rusty, but the house itself is still fairly strong structurally.
This image shows the house from a different perspective, it shows the audience the harsher aspect of the house. Although the house from some ways looks like there is less damage and more things that would be seen as normal in a home, I liked how this house has areas where I can show that there has only been a recent war, but that the destruction is visible. 



This is some of the field that I am using, I like how close there were to each other. This means that the transport is limited because I can walk there with my actors and then easily walk back to a place where my actors can change, where we can eat and were the footage can be watched and decided if I wanted to film scenes again then I am in the position to film this again. There is also a place with electricity where the camera can be charged if it needs to be.

This is a map that shows the distance. (As the map doesn’t show as well as I had hoped, it is from the red marker to the grey one.) This as you can see is very easy to get to both on the road and I have a route to get to each place through the fields also behind the main road which is both quicker and easier when holding my equipment and having my actresses in costume.

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